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Techni-Care® Antiseptic - Surgical Scrub and Surgical Prep

NDC #46706-222-06 Product Release - February, 1991 - New Molecular Structure
NEW!!! Publication of Techni-Care in Surgical Infections

Indications and Usage

Topical, Antiseptic for professional degerming, pre-op and post-op procedures. Advanced technology in skin disinfectants combining a substituted phenolic active ingredient in a synergic blend of surfactants and emollients. Broad spectrum efficacy on all gram-negative and gram-positive organisms tested in 30 seconds. Exceptionally mild formulation aids in healing hands and skin abused by toxic chemicals. Apply directly to surgical sites for microbiologically "cleaner" skin prior to and after surgical procedures. Use directly on skin areas for I.V. site maintenance. Safe and effective for mucous membranes and around ears and eyes. Highly efficient surfactancy for removal of organic matter and oil. Non-staining.

Clinical Pharmacology

Amphoteric, Cationic, Phenolic Blend - U.S. Patent #5,244,666
Active Ingredients: USP Chloroxylenol 3.0% - Monographed OTC Antiseptics/Federal Register, June 17, 1994, Tentative Final Monograph for Health-Care Antiseptics [59 FR 31401]

OTC Pharmaceutical/Non-Alcohol Containing
No Fragrance. Contains Phospholipid and Protein Collagen for skin conditioning


  • Non-Toxic, Non-Dermal Irritant, contains no linear alcohols.
  • Rated Mild in Ocular Tissue Testing, External Use Only.
  • Non-Flammable


  1. Draize Dermal Irritation Test • Minimal Rating with a 0.08% Draize Equivalent.
  2. EyeTex/Ocular Safety & Irritation • Rated Mild
  3. Skin/Tex/Dermal Irritation Test • Minimal Rating
  4. Oral Toxicity • Non-Toxic LD50 > 15 grams per kilogram of body weight.
  5. Percent Bacterial Reduction Test (NCCLS Document M26-P protocol) • 99.99% reduction of Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, Escherichia coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in 30 second contact; 99.99% on Candida albicans in 30 second contact.
  6. Time Kill Study/1, 3, and 5 minutes • 99% bacterial reduction
  7. Hill Top Bio-Labs, Inc. - Kligman Occluded Site/Antimicrobial Efficacy and Irritation on Intact Skin • 99.975 inhibition of microflora in 24 hours of dermal occlusion. (Test of Substantivity - Cup Scrub Method)
  8. Broad spectrum in-vitro efficacy proven and documented.
  9. Inhibits Mycobacterium bovis - (tuberculan)- Suspension Testing - Hill Top Biolabs
  10. Wound Applications - Evaluation ongoing at the University of Minnesota Medical School/Transplant.
  11. Antibiotic Replacement Therapy • Open Abdominal Wounds - Evaluation Complete at the University of Pittsburgh, Medical School. Certificate of Need - Life threatening - Immune Suppressed - V.R.E.F. and M.R.S.A. patients.

Dosage and Administration

Techni-Care® has proven to be safe, non-toxic, and with no contra-indications in labeled usage. Do not dilute with water for skin prep procedures; apply directly and air or blot to dry. Will not stain the skin or linens. Eliminates problem of skin burning or "pooling" in lengthy surgical procedures. May be used in total body bathing for maximum infection control areas, especially I.C.U.'s operating room, emergency rooms and burn unit personnel. Pre-bathe immune compromised and/or bariatric patients as a pre-cleansing step.

Available Product Sizes

Techni-Care® Scrub Brushes
Techni-Care® Foot Pump
Techni-Care® Wall Mount

Product Code Product Container Size Price
C222-1GEA Techni-Care 1 Gallon Containers $105.00 (Each - per gallon)
C222-1G Techni-Care 1 Gallon Containers $220.00 per case (4 gallons)
C222-32Z Techni-Care 32 oz. Bottles $205.00 per case (1 dozen per case)
C222-32ZEA Techni-Care 32 oz. Bottles $52.00 (Each - per bottle)
C222-16Z Techni-Care 16 oz. Bottles $201.00 per case (2 dozen per case)
C222-16ZEA Techni-Care 16 oz. Bottles $44.00 (Each - per bottle)
C222-12Z Techni-Care 12 oz. Pumpette $198.00 per case (2 dozen per case)
C222-12ZEA Techni-Care 12 oz. Pumpette $38.00 (Each - per bottle)
C222-8Z Techni-Care 8 oz. Bottles $195.00 per case (2 dozen per case)
C222-8ZEA Techni-Care 8 oz. Bottles $39.00 (Each - per bottle)
C222-Kit Techni-Care Wound Kit    
C222-4Z Techni-Care 4 oz. Bottles (W/Dye) $205.00 per case
C222-4ZEA Techni-Care 4 oz. Bottles (W/Dye) $16.99 (Each - per bottle)
C222-4ZWO Techni-Care 4 oz. Bottles (W/O Dye) $205.00 per case (4 dozen per case)
C222-4ZWOEA Techni-Care 4 oz. Bottles (W/O Dye) $16.99 (Each - per bottle)
C222-Unidose Techni-Care 12ml Unidose $82.00 per case
C5500A Techni-Care Peel-Paks $365.00 per case
C222-FP32Z Techni-Care Foot Pump/32Z/Case    

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